>My husband John, is often drawing pictures for West. When you ask West what he’d like you to draw you get one of two answers… “um… a cat.” or “umm… a dinosaur”. But my clever husband has also wow’d West with helicopters, sharks and my favorite Robots.

I had been working on some robots myself, but when a friend also requested some I figured I should get more serious about designing something worthy of my store. Since I have ZERO time lately I asked my husband to draw some. He blew me away with how many he came up with in just a matter of minutes.

I am so excited about his robots that I have pushed back some of my more pressing tasks to debut them to you!

Introducing: Robot Dance Party by Westdaddy 

 I hope there are more designs from him!

**this image is not in it’s final form, may change a bit before it makes it on a t-shirt**


I will at the Clinton/Division Street Fair this Saturday from 10-5, somewhere between 32nd and 36th SE Division…. come find me! 
***UPDATE: I will be on 33rd and Division, booth #59***

There will be loads of Swifts Shirts and new color combo’s of some of your favorite designs.

>Scout Lake, OR

>Much needed R&R was just had by my little family. The last month has been so busy. My Etsy shop has been hopping, John went out of town for a week and Mabel got sick and because of her kidney problems by default that landed us in the ER.  So when my brother Tim (pictured below) and his lovely lady Jen (not pictured–sorry Jen) invited us to Jen’s family camping trip to Scout Lake, OR we gladly accepted. Nervous a bit because it was West’s first time camping, but mostly excited.

We arrived on Friday after a beautiful drive through the Willamette National Forest, however when we got to Scout Lake we were greeted with thunder, rain and lots of dark scary clouds. Knowing it would pass soon we just waited it out while chatting with our gracious hosts. 30 minutes later the sun decided to show up and stuck around the rest of the weekend.

90% percent of the trip was wonderful. Sleep was a bit hard, both falling asleep and staying asleep…  West and Mabel had some adjusting to do. Then on Saturday after West’s (and John’s) long morning nap we accidentally got sunscreen in his eyes.  It was pretty bad and he was in a lot of pain so pretty much that killed most of our afternoon as West’s eyes were swollen and stinging. Jen and I had to hold him down and flush his eyes out with water and at one point and I was actually worried we might have to leave Scout Lake early.  Finally he feel asleep (in my arms) out of pure exhaustion. Poor guy.  After napping until almost 5pm he woke up super happy, with clear eyes and LOADS of energy.  Because of this small hurdle in our camping trip we didn’t get as many pictures as we wanted to… but here is a collage of our adventures.

Now we are all home. Both kids sound asleep. West took a bath in the tub while we stuck Mabel in the kitchen sick to bathe her. They were both that dirty! I forgot how the great the first shower after a weekend long camping trip feels. Aww bliss!

The whole way home John and I planned and plotted a summer full of more camping trips! I can’t wait!

>Wow, What A WEEK!

>Thanks to that lovely mention in the Etsy Storque last week I will have ended this week with 27 new shirts/products sold, 2 treasury listings and I met a lot of cool people… who knew so many people loved cuttlefish.

Now if I could only get some Snowy Egret love… it is just a beautiful design. 

In other news my sweetest baby girl got her 8 month check up… HELLO! 20lbs and almost 28 inches. She doesn’t eat much in the way of solids but she sure loves her avocados. I just looked in West’s baby book he was 21 lbs at 8 months and 28.5 inches. I guess I’m one for chunky babies!

West when he was 8 months (and a wee bit of Westmama too)

>Wow busy day. I was doing my normal morning thing (i.e. taking care of two adorable children) when suddenly I started noticing A LOT of people were asking about my cuttlefish shirt via Etsy’s internal email system.

When I had my craft show last month I had a lot of inquiries about making this shirt in adult sizes, so I just thought it was those customers following up with me.

Turns out I was featured in Etsy’s The Storque, which is their weekly email newletter… it reaches THOUSANDS of people and in just a few minutes my cuttlefish shirt had close to 1000 views. I kept relisting it and it kept selling. It would have been more fun if the kids had been more cooperative and if I didn’t have a big issue that needed resolved with a shirt supplier.

In the end I sold 6 cuttlefish shirts and 1 Born in Water shirts today. That put me over my goal for the year which was 100 sales… reaching 102 sales today.  I will now shoot for 175 this year (on Etsy). 

>Grand Opening Sale!

>I opened a shop on Artfire, an other selling community similar to Etsy.  Join me for my grand opening sale! From Tuesday June 1st through June 4th all items (including sale items) 20% off!!