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>So I am trying out a new market place to sell my wares. http://meylah.com/westmama
It is a beautiful site and has very cool feel. I’m sure how it will compare to etsy, but it hopefully I can grow it and do a little less on Etsy.

Here are the new cards I am selling for Valentine’s Day… I also have new folded note cards that are stunning, but my camera battery died and we can’t find our charger (isn’t moving great).


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>I was killing some time a few weeks ago and was aimlessly walking around Target, I was tempting myself by smelling valentines candy when I came upon the Valentines Cards. My first thought was ugh, someday soon my kids will have to do this and these are what they’ll have to buy. Over the top, gaudy, busy valentines. Ugh. Thus I created these.

My hubby drew the Robot love’s Dinosaur card, as it describes us perfectly.

Cards are $14 for set of 12 and 4 for $6    Available in my Etsy Shop.

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