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>So this Christmas my son will be 3 years old. I had intended to start family traditions that included learning about the other holidays this time of year, cookie baking, giving to others, and the lore behind Christmas, Santa Claus and Christmas Trees. However we will be in the middle of a big move and we still don’t know when we will actually be in our new house. Anywhere from Dec 15th to Dec 21st… which doesn’t give us a lot of time to get settled into this holiday (or life in general).

In half hearted effort to build excitement I had planned on buying a simple card board Advent Calendar filled with chocolate, like this one:

Then after talking to some of my mama friends, I learned the more advanced world of Advent Calendars and all the options you can include in them (toys, stories, activities, etc). After scouring various online retail stores, I realized what I had in my mind didn’t exist and would need to be made. However what I had in mind involved a LARGE felt 3D tree similar to this one but 2-3 ft high, with 25 buttons on it so we could hang ornaments for each day of the month. I planned on wrapping each ornament with a small piece of paper with a one or two line sentence about the holiday season. Considering I have zero time/supplies/work space to put this together I decided to do something a bit simpler this year.
Here is what I made:
Here’s how I did it:
I bought a large cork board, 1 yard of winter/holiday fabric (like from Daffodilhill), 25 3in x 2in jewelry boxes, holiday paper, glue, thumb tacks, staple gun, number stickers* and Sharpie paint pens.
I attached the fabric to the cork board using a staple gun, I cut the paper down to size and attached using glue to the box lids, *at first I was using stickers to put the numbers on the box lids, but I ran out of stickers and they were pricey*, so I used some Sharpie paint pens to write the remaining numbers on the box lids. I then used thumb tacks in the base of the boxes to attach the boxes to the cork board, then placed the lids back on.  
My son is really into sea animals and dinosaurs so I am placing small toys in the box along with small pieces of paper with short christmas/holiday stories on them, that we will read when we open the box. Because I also have a 1 year old, the toys needed to be large enough to not be a choking hazard. 
Next year will be my year of the beautiful felt advent tree calender.  I promise.

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